Creating value for our communities

Procure Plus

Procure Plus Holdings Limited (PPH) is actively engaged in the business of physical and social regeneration across the North West of England.

We are a commercial, not for profit, company that specialises in the procurement of goods and services related both to new-build and to the repair and maintenance of a wide range of social housing. The housing stock is owned by our clients, who are largely registered social housing providers (RPs).

Firstly, the Procure part of our activities:

By means of effective bulk-buying and the dynamic shared management of supply chains while overall working squarely within European Union contracting regulations, PPH delivers huge savings and outstanding value-for-money for its partners to the enormous benefit of all.

Next, the vital Plus component:

Critically, in addition to delivering outstanding procurement services, PPH creates significant social benefits for the communities it serves. We train and develop people who find themselves far from the employment market, and using a range of training and support mechanisms bring them into permanent and worthwhile employment positions, including management. People selected for these programmes are those most requiring our support, including ex-offenders. Results of the scheme are outstanding, with more than 80% of trainees obtaining qualifications and securing permanent and worthwhile employment. In 2014, we trained 190 men and women, most of whom may well otherwise have remained without work.

We fund these achievements by adding a modest 1% levy on turnover in order to build a social fund, as well as by all suppliers committing to provide numbers of apprenticeships in proportion to their own turnover. All PPH commercial profits are ploughed into this charitable programme, and the whole endeavour is channelled through our own charity, Re:vision North.

By working with PPH, clients know that every pound spent creates significant cash efficiencies and that they are trading with a supply chain that supports, understands and commits to shared values. They also recognise the wider social impact of employment development programmes for disadvantaged people, themselves often tenants in the housing delivered by RPs.

To support the business, and our clients, we have developed a range of systems specifically for the social housing sector by working, for over 8 years, with our customers and users to fully understand their requirements, methods of working, business drivers and regulatory changes whilst ensuring that they are easy and simple to use.

Procure’ and ‘Plus’ aptly describe the two inter-related elements of an innovative and integrated approach to the delivery of regeneration across the North West of England which is already having significant impact, and is building from strength to strength.