Ian Brown - Procure Plus
Creating value for our communities

Ian Brown


Ian was appointed as the Head of Corporate Procurement within Manchester City Council in April 2007 and is also the Procurement Director for the North West Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership.

Ian’s work includes delivering significant savings through smarter procurement and using the Council’s substantial buying power to maximise social, economic and environmental benefits for local communities.

The key strands of the Regional Procurement Strategy are to:-

  • Deliver significant savings through collaborative procurement achieved by a fully mature management of local government third party spend
  • Increase understanding of the impact of procurement decisions on local economics
  • Promote sustainable procurement, realising benefits not only to local authorities and their partners but also society and the economy, while minimising damage to the environment
  • Increase engagement with the voluntary and community sector in the provision of services
  • Improve procurement skills across the region
  • Increase the use of e-procurement